Dear friends and supporters of,

After 13 long years of serving the North Carolina dance community, has closed its
virtual doors and retired.

I am proud of our accomplishments in promoting all the many workshops and events throughout
North Carolina, and even (with help from many kind sponsors and volunteers) hosting our own
workshops with famous instructors. promoted your events, and even made it possible to see big events like the
Bellydance Superstars at reduced prices (and hosted some pretty awesome after-parties!)

We also publicized our many sponsors with a Featured Sponsor of the Month profile. 

And teachers were not left out, with detailed class schedules and teacher bios.

Since launched in November 2000, the number of dancers and events has risen
exponentially, making it more challenging to keep everything updated while also balancing a personal
life, day job, family and health.

After working on continuously for thirteen years, it’s time for me to move on to new

I treasure the many happy memories of serving this community, and I retire confidently with the
knowledge that people can continue to promote their classes, workshops and events in North Carolina
through all the many social media outlets that have sprung up in the last decade.

Thank you for your support all these years, and best wishes for a Happy 2014.