How Can Seniors Ensure Positive Qi Inside Their House?

How Can Seniors Ensure Positive Qi Inside Their House?


Get rid of the clutter and dust:


Before you start working on the intricacies of Feng Shui, look at your home space with an attentive glance in order to determine the locations of the “dead” Qi.


Spring Cleaning:


“Dead” Qi exists in places where old things and debris accumulate, so do a full and high-quality cleaning. Be merciless, get rid of all those items that you no longer use, or things that have broken or become useless.


Like water, Qi energy tends to stagnate in the corners, so check every room and cupboard and get rid of dust and cobwebs.


When you throw all the garbage out of the house, you can begin to look more closely at how the furniture and other objects are arranged to make sure that nothing prevents the free flow of positive Qi.


A few small changes — for example, moving a bed or buying fresh flowers — can make a big difference.


After this is done, you will begin to feel the benefits of the positive flow of energy in your home.


Getting rid of any debris helps stabilize the flow of positive Qi energy in your home.


Arrange the furniture:


We all subconsciously strive to ensure maximum security during the holidays. This desire has been preserved since the times when people lived in caves. Here are some helpful tips.


  1. Place your bed so that you can see the door from where you sleep.


Make sure that your bed is not in line with the door or window, otherwise, the “drafts” that Qi creates will suck the energy out of you.


  1. Make sure you can see the door from where you normally sit, such as from a chair or sofa.


Proper placement of furniture in your home will create the most favorable opportunities for Qi movement.


Windows and doors:


Since the doorway plays the role of a “gate” through which Qi penetrates the room, check how it is located in relation to the adjacent walls.




For rooms in which you visit most often and at the same time engage in vigorous activities, such as a hall, dining room, living room or kitchen, it would be better if the door opens inwards. In other words, when you open the door, you fully see all the space that is in front of you. If the door opens outward, thus limiting the view, it is best to outweigh it. The doors to the bathroom and the bedroom, on the contrary, should not be opened completely, so that Qi entered there slowly and quietly.



Qi always gets nourishment from the sun. Take care that your windows are clean so that new “portions” of Qi energy enter the house.

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