Exploring the Unique Wonders of North Carolina

From ghost towns & gnome-sized cities to vineyards & covered bridges - explore all that North Carolina has to offer! Discover dinosaur bones & replica Michael Myers House plus much more.

Exploring the Unique Wonders of North Carolina

North Carolina is a quintessential southern state in the United States, boasting majestic mountains, fascinating hiking trails, charming Piedmontese and picturesque coastline. But there is much more to this state than meets the eye. From ghost towns to gnome-sized cities, North Carolina has plenty of unique attractions that are worth exploring. The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most iconic features of North Carolina.

This mountain range stretches from Georgia to Pennsylvania and is home to some of the most beautiful views in the country. For those looking for a unique experience, Ten Beautiful and Unique Headlights is a must-see. This is a collection of ten unique headlights that have been collected from all over the world. Sun Drop soda is a popular drink in North Carolina and it's fresher than ever.

But if you're looking for something truly unique, then you should visit Henry River Mill. This ghost town is single-handedly owned by Wade Shepherd, an 83-year-old man who lives nearby. Inaugurated in 1970 in honor of L. Frank Baum's original book, Land of Oz Theme Park was initially established to continue attracting visitors to the neighboring Beech Mountain ski resort.

The park closed in 1980, but after a partial restoration, it only opens once a year for the Autumn of Oz event that welcomes several thousand tourists. Would you dare to enter a dark “covered” bridge built in 1894 without knowing what is on the other side? Shangri-La Stone Village is an interesting architectural marvel consisting of 27 elaborate buildings. This creation was made by Henry L. Warren who dedicated the last few years of his life to constructing this gnome-sized city from rocks from his own land. From 1968 to 1977, Warren designed the city to have all the contemporary amenities such as a hotel, a theater, a gym and even a water tower. The canopy-covered house at the end of an unpaved country road in Cameron is owned by Avery and Doris Sisk.

An accidental creation, their collage of coffee cups began when they took home a set of 15 cups at random and hung them as decorations. After several years and 20,000 cups later, they have created a masterpiece that is worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood. Mentioned in Look Homeward, Thomas Wolfe's Angel is an arched conduit that was erected in 1909 as an access to Zealandia Mansion. In 1941, the Tennessee Valley Authority built the dam on land that was donated by ALCOA, who saw it as an immense opportunity to generate hydroelectricity. Due to the construction, the communities that lived around the dam were displaced and instead Lake Fontana flowed. The Alphabet Museum in Waxhaw was founded in 1991 with the purpose of assembling a platform to exhibit and research a culmination of minority languages from around the world.

Established by William Cameron Townsend in 1991, this museum has more than 12 exhibitions each dedicated to a specific language or language category such as Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and African languages. Visitors can also learn about several minority languages as well as discover what their names look like in several real and imagined languages. For more than 30 years, an insignificant mailbox “Kindred Spirit” has been located on the coast of Bird Island. Although nothing is known about the original kindred spirit that possessed this mailbox, it is believed that it was erected by him because of a mirage he saw which resembled this mailbox. What if you could pay an invitation-only visit to the infamous Michael Myers House from the 1978 horror classic Halloween? A replica of the original Myers House in California built in 1888 as the setting for this film Kenny Caperton's version established him as this film's biggest fan. Although not exactly like the original set Caperton built his masterpiece as similar as he could to this set without access to these shots. The final resting place of Chang and Eng Bunker, the world's most famous conjoined twins who were born in Thailand in 1811, North Carolina Grave site is an interesting place to spend your day.

The theatrical performance tells the terrible story of more than 16000 East Native Americans who were forced to move west of Mississippi River. The massive creation houses most of this nine-story garage building and is covered in transparent blue and purple rectangles connected to several 30-foot tall red fins which light up and play music when played. Washington Caruthers Kerr first discovered dinosaur bones in North Carolina in 1869 when he visited Sampson County marl pit that belonged to James King. Along with Maryland Virginia and New York North Carolina was one of these original colonies that existed between 1607 and 1776. Much like a hobbit's house Cloud Chamber for Trees and Sky an outdoor exhibition by British artist Chris Drury is housed in North Carolina Museum of Art which is largest of its kind in United States. This means that area has been praised as space where sustainable development is underway brilliant achievement for North Carolina. As one of these 50 coolest states in United States there are plenty interesting facts about North Carolina for you to discover. One thing about North Carolina that may be surprising is that they are known for their vineyards. During their travels around world twins met North Carolina and likes state to point settling here forever.

North Carolina chose North Cardinal as its state bird 1943; cardinal is popular seven other states also chose this bird represent them. North Carolina has honored us with some very popular celebrities such as Zach Galifianakis Emily Procter and late Andy Griffith: The Andy Griffith Show was even filmed state. Arguably one most ignored but influential places North Carolina Grave site which honors Chang Eng Bunker world's most famous conjoined twins who were born Thailand 1811.


North Carolina has plenty unique attractions worth exploring from ghost towns gnome-sized cities vineyards covered bridges coffee cup collages dinosaur bones replica Michael Myers House Cloud Chamber Trees Sky Alphabet Museum more. Whether you're looking for adventure history culture there something everyone enjoy discovering North Carolina.

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